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Editor’s Pick: Yesterday, I almost lost it. Today, I still believe.

Every time, without fail, that I watch a telling of the Transatlantic Slade Trade of African people, I struggle with the faith I profess in Christianity.  Yesterday was one such day.  I finally sat down to watch the movie “12 Years A Slave” with my husband.  And I was traumatized.

I know there are some that will immediately think, “not another black person bringing up the past again!” but I fear that it is a reality that will always torture us.  To undermine its importance is really just to perpetuate the oppression that it was and deny the humanity of the millions who died and suffered at the hands of those criminals, who never saw the inside of a jail!  I’m sorry, but the most you can do, especially if you belong to the privileged white race, is just apologize again and again for the cruelty caused by those before you, even if you were not involved and would have stopped it given a chance.

The major problem for me, was not so much the awful brutality and hate of the whole thing…it was the profession of faith in God and Jesus that those sadists claimed that torments me…

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  1. God, in the OT law, actually gave instructions regulating and proscripting slavery. Ex 21. In the nt, there were instructions on how to treat your slaves, how slaves were not to run away from their masters and treat them with due respect, but not knew word condemning, talking down, or outlawing slave ownership. Philmon was even about the return of a slave that had run away, accepted jesus, and was now being sent back to his ‘owner’ as a brother in christ.
    Ownership of another human being, we all know nowadays, is never ever acceptable or conscienable. Seems that the god of the Bible didn’t know that. And that’s why his people throughout the centuries never knew that either, but rather practiced it with biblical authority.
    Yes, it’s pretty hard to accept and understand. But that is what the Bible teaches.


      • No actually. It helps to know God. Which you do not. So you do not comprehend His Truth, just like those who carried out those atrocities in His name!


      • Sorry, you either don’t know your bible or you’ve found a way to let god off the hook. You’re just wrong. In the ot, Moses ‘knew god’ and God gave Moses and the children of Israel instructions on slavery. Legitimized and proscripting the practice of it. This wasn’t evil people taking gods word out of context. It was god telling Moses it was OK to own other human beings, and treat them as property to be passed down to your heirs. Not cool


      • I know my Bible plenty well, thank you very much. Considering it is where I draw my beliefs, and the only thing I depend on to teach my faith, I am surprised that you can actually say that, without considering that maybe YOU don’t know the Bible nor the God of the Bible!

        I am not here to defend God against you. I know what is written of Him in the Old testament, and what is written of Him in the New. I have an understanding of His ways that you do not have and will never have until you humble yourself before Him.

        That’s as much as I will entertain you in this regard. Check out my post called OUT OF BOUNDS. It may speak to your predicament.

        Sincerely, Ufuoma.


      • You’ve found a way to excuse the god of the Bible from all the bad things. I get it. I did that too as a christian for 34 years. Chances are I’ve taught thru the bible more times than you’ve read it. See I was actually a in ministry for 25years of those 34 years as a Christian. And like you, these are questions that I could no longer push off to the side because they were uncomfortable. I had to deal with them if I was going to have any intellectual or personal honesty in my faith.
        You have just made your choice to ignore the obvious and stay blinded. It’s not me who is blinded, it’s you.


      • I haven’t made my choice to remain blinded. I’ve made a decision to TRUST in God. That’s what it means to have faith… That’s what it means to be a little child! I’m sorry that you OUTGREW the need to trust God in all things, and decided to doubt Him, and listen to the enemy.

        I am however, His Bride. We have a spousal relationship that can only continue if I continue to trust in Him concerning all things, and go to Him for clarity and understanding on all things. I am also exempt from sitting in a court of His enemies to make a defence for Him!!! No way no how! You can’t understand our relationship. You are now blind, but you think you see.

        It is well with you.


      • Why do you think god never chose just to outlaw slavery in the bible? Why not just ‘thou shalt not own other humans as property or animals’?
        Your Faith allows you to ignore what God actually says and believe He meant what he actually doesn’t say? Interesting.


      • KIA, the real question is how you were able to be Christian for 34 years! And to teach about a God who you believed was a monster for 25 of those years… Ask yourself that.

        Like I said, I will not stand in a court of His enemies to defend Him. He doesn’t need my defence, and you are not ready to listen to reason.


      • Why is it that your responses to me have all been personal insults when I have not insulted you?
        And no, I didn’t believe the god of the Bible was a monster until after I was able to question and that’s what led to my Deconversion.


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