Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: When They Don’t Love You Anymore

I am a growing blogger, and slowly, people are starting to hear what I have to say on various matters.  Many disagree with me.  Few agree with me.  And still others are not sure where they stand.  Some support me just because they know me.  Others find my controversial thoughts intriguing, and sometimes find agreement, and sometimes are strongly opposed to my ideas.

I am experiencing a bit of growth spurt among those who like me at the moment.  It is exciting.  I am enjoying being understood.  I enjoy knowing that people are being blessed by the things I share.  And I am encouraged by their praise and comments.

In other circles, I find great opposition from people you accuse me of “making Christ look bad“.  Who say I am too judgmental.  Who speak all manner of evil against me, and twist my words to make them say what they do not actually say.  In those circles, I feel hated.  And not everyone in those circles professes unbelief in Jesus.  Many claim to have a measure of faith…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/when-they-dont-love-you-anymore/

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