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Editor’s Pick: Musing on Immortality, Original Sin and Suffering

Last week, I shared a comment I wrote in response to an Atheist’s post on the topic of eternal life. Later, while musing on this topic, I went back to the Beginning…to the Garden of Eden, where it all began for mankind. I learnt something from that. I learnt that mortality is a curse.

You see, we were never supposed to die. We were supposed to live with God forever, nourished by His Light, as we are now nourished by the Sun. In the absence of sin, Adam and Eve would still be alive today, along with billions of humans, who died after them. Even without eating from the Tree of Life! God’s presence would have sustained us, just as He sustained Moses for 40 days and nights without food and water on the mountain.

However, once Adam and Eve sinned, they were corrupted and suffering entered the world…because when we go against the will of God, we inflict pain and suffering on ourselves and others, even without knowing it. And the thing about corruption is that it is an insatiable pit. Have you noticed how a small lie turns into a great and mighty delusion? Have you watched how food rots with just a singular fly? Likewise, once corruption takes hold, it cannot be satisfied until all that is good is made evil…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/musing-on-immortality-original-sin-and-suffering/

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