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Editor’s Pick: We Know Everything And There Is No God

We know everything, and there is no God,” said the Atheist.

Mankind have been learning about themselves and their environments since the beginning of their recognition of their existence, whenever that beginning was.  We know that without the consciousness that we are alive, and the ability to think, to feel, to reason, to adapt, to change, to construct and to create, we would not be able to know or influence anything in our world.  We would just exist and not even know that we exist!

No matter the knowledge man has gained, it seems that they have not learned the folly of making arrogant statements about the existence of realms they cannot see, and the folly of jumping to conclusions.  Yes, make theories, and gather your evidences, but there is no certainty in any knowledge, unless you are all knowing.  The Apostle Paul said something very interesting about those who think they know it all:

And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know” (1 Cor 8:2).

I think this is an amazing truth for all kinds of thinkers, whether they be Religious, Atheists or Agnostics.  All of us should just admit the limitation of our understanding…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/we-know-everything-and-there-is-no-god/

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      • If you’re by yourself, don’t try to answer for every Atheist. You can’t deny that there are many Atheists who declare that there is no God. All you have to do is google “there is no god”. Speak for yourself.


      • I don’t believe you, but in case you are telling the truth, I kept the link to the site I linked for my previous image! Their site title says it all, but the actual post is actually defending their belief. Check them out, and tell me Atheists don’t say, believe or try to argue that there is no God!


      • Regarding the statement “We know everything” it is implied, when you also say “There Is No God”, because, you have to know everything, to know that. And you lot keep boasting about all the knowledge you have from science which is your basis for saying that there must be no God.


      • My point is simple, whether or not you have science. To claim that there is no God, you must also be saying that you know everything…otherwise you wouldn’t stand by your claim so boldly as to campaign against people who believe in God’s existence.


      • I understand what you’re saying, my point is that I don’t agree with it. It’s a non-sequitur, it does not follow.
        Standing next to claim is not the same as making a campaign against anybody.. That is also a non-sequitur.


  1. Strawman fallacy. Neither agnostics nor atheists claim they know everything or there is no god. Agnostics specifically admit they don’t know. And atheists just don’t believe. They aren’t saying ‘there is no god’. Dishonest

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  2. I’ve never found any credible evidence for a god. I followed your link and the link to the original blog but I still don’t see where they say “We know everything”.

    So based on your argument, everyone should believe in god (all of them!), rainbows that have a pot of gold at the end, Magical unicorns and just about any claim because we can’t prove that they don’t exist? …and it might be possible that somewhere in the universe, we may possibly find that magical unicorn.

    At the end of the day, an atheist may not not be able to show that their are no god(s) but at the same time, you cannot prove their is one. I’m good with that.


    • We don’t have to believe everything… But I don’t know of any group of people whose lives revolve around disproving or challenging believers of Unicorns or even Santa Claus. Why God?

      Like I said another post, I think the Atheist doth protest too much!


      • If you’re asking me… At one time, I didn’t have any need to disprove or challenge believers. “God” was a topic that was taught to me and I didn’t find it credible. But throughout life people ask “What religion are you?” and I would say “I’m not religious” and then they would ask “Do you believe in God?” and I would answer no… It is generally at that point, I was challenged to explain myself. (or someone felt I needed to be “Saved”).

        So then the “logic” arguments for God, the Cosmology Argument, the suggestions to read the bible or some random book. So for me, it becomes a self defense.

        Atheists protest too much? Yet, you are the one blogging about Atheists? You do realize that Christians believe their god is true and spend a great deal of time trying to prove it. Maybe you should do what I do and learn about all religions, philosophies and worldviews and get to understand everyone outside of your own religion and stop condemning people who are different than you.

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      • Hi David, I am actually more widely read than you might know. I know about the world’s religions. I’ve read the Koran too. I don’t feel I need to indulge in them when I have discovered the truth in Jesus. And I just feel I would be wicked if I didn’t share the truth I know,

        I am not forcing you to believe, and my blog didn’t start out with any agenda to challenge nor disprove atheists. But as I was ministering to my brothers and sisters, they flocked to my blog, seeking to deconvert me and my readers. They came campaigning, and my many posts are my responses to such discussions.

        Like I said, you don’t have to believe anything, just because you don’t know everything. But you can KNOW somethings, and God gives us such knowledge. Science gives us some knowledge, but I believe God knows all. I just can’t prove Him to someone who only lives and sees in the physical.

        Have a great day.


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