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The Spotlight: A Review Of “Once Upon A First Love” by Temitope Omotosho

Hey, hey…  Happy Weekend!  This episode of The Spotlight is coming in late in the day, but for good reason.  I just launched a new website for my books this week, and I’ve been consumed with it over the last couple of days.  I just had to post my review, because I likes to keep my promises 😀

So…  Let’s get to it, shall we?  Who is Temitope Omotosho?!  You know, I first came across this lady last year, when I joined Okadabooks.  She had a story that was trending, but I wasn’t really sure what it was about or the genre, so I actually didn’t get it.  It was her book “With These Shoes I Thee Wed”.  But after reading this, it’s in my library :D!!!

So, I guess, you know I liked the book now.  But who is Temitope Omotosho?!  Well, I think she’s best placed to introduce herself.  And she does a good job of it on her blog,  The tagline reads “Fixing the love misconception…”  A round of applause for that!  So catchy and relevant and needed.  I think we’re on the same mission.

Well, Temitope is an author (duh!), a blogger, a wife, a mother and a devoted Christian.  In her own words, “she’s passionate about impacting the world through timeless wisdom and knowledge found in her thought-provoking stories and writing that applies to all ages.”  Yep.  I think I’ve found my soulmate 🙂

So, about the book.  I learnt about it on Instagram recently, and that’s when I actually started taking note of the lady.  From the blurb and the reviews, I knew it was a good Christian book, so I requested my own copy to read and review.  And I’m sure you’re wondering when am I going to get to it.  Allow me, I’m warming up.  Been a little rusty with blogging of late, in case you haven’t noticed.

So to my review…  Hmmm…  Once Upon A First Love was truly an inspired story, and it was well written.  It conveyed so many messages from God about love and faith, and addressed a lot of common issues that many young (and mature people) face in their lives and relationships.

It was supposed to be a book about Peju and Abdul, two childhood lovers separated by space and time, and united again, with the same loving feelings for each other.  But, for me, it wasn’t really about Peju and Abdul.  There were a few other stories being told about other characters, that were in some ways distracting (for me) at the beginning, and made it harder for me to get into this love story of Peju and Abdul.

It kind of reminded me of my series A Small World, like if someone just dived in the deep end of it, without knowing the characters by reading the previous stories that led to it.  You would spend a bit of time trying to understand who is who and what is going on.  But, the story soon took shape (for me), and I was able to appreciate the many storylines that were intertwining and forming a picture and leaving powerful messages.

I particularly loved Eliana and Oba’s story, and in some ways, I think they took the shine from Peju and Abdul, because it seemed clear that their love was doomed, where as Eliana and Oba had what was a blossoming love, which was more exciting to read about.

I like how inter-faith marriage was addressed, how the pressure of singles to marry was highlighted, the exposure of our humanity and how despite every way that we dishonour God, He still comes after us to offer us water to wash.  And of course, the most powerful message was that we ALL need to return to our first Love, and that no one is above falling, if we do not hold tight and abide in Him.  Even those who are serving Him, using gifts He has given them, are prone to love the gift more than the Giver.  May God help us all.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and took away many lessons.  I’ve now found another writer to stalk – yeah, watch out Temi :D, and will be reading more or her writings.  I do recommend this book to anyone who has strayed from God, or even those, who believe they’re okay.  You might think again…but the good news is God loves you sooooo much, and He’s ready to make it alright!  Just turn around!!!

Well done, Temitope!  May God grant you more inspiration and wisdom to minister to the lost.  God bless you.

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