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Wow!  Exactly a month ago, I published my first paperbacks on, being for Perfect Love, The House Girl and He Cheated!.  This month, I published The Originals (being The Church Girl, An Emotional Affair and Broken; my first three stories whose characters continue to live through my seasonal series A Small World) as paperbacks too.  Today, I finally published The Church Girl after redesigning the cover and making some slight editions on the content too.  I also redesigned the cover for Broken, which is making its debut appearance on Amazon 🙂

So now, I only need to publish A Small World Season One, Season Two and Season Three as paperbacks, when I finally settle to write the third season.  By God’s special grace, these titles will be out in paperback by Christmas time.

You can order your copies via my Amazon Author Page:

Or simply click each picture to go direct to each page.


These titles are also available as audiobooks and ebooks via Amazon, Smashwords and Okadabooks.

Here are the links you need for The Church Girl:


Here are the links you need for An Emotional Affair:


Here are the links you need for Broken:


You can also buy and read all my ebooks securely via my new website,

You can still get The Church Girl in print via my website or at various book stores in Lagos, Nigeria.  Check out the amazing reviews on this debut novel at  I’d really love to turn this book to audio format, but it will be a big project.  Let’s see how God provides!  I’m still very optimistic that it will be converted to film someday, and hopefully soon.  If you’d like to be part of making it happen, do get in touch with  Thanks!

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