Beauty And The Beast

New Series Announcement!!!

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So, I just concluded running Perfect Love on my blog for my patrons. If you couldn’t follow the series, you still have the option of getting the ebook or buying the paperback, which is also now available via Amazon. You can still read the prologue and the first six episodes free without signing in, or the first twelve, if you are a registered member.

Okay, I am now ready to start airing my third series for the year! This is a short series, like Broken. It is also a free series! Woohoo!!! So, you won’t need to sign in to read the whole story, which I will be publishing over the next two months, and will make a new episode public every Wednesday.

However, members get to read TWO episodes each week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays at noon. It’s free to be a member too, all you have to do is REGISTER on my blog. That will give you access to other member-only posts, like The Marriage ABCs, as well.

Patrons do not only get early access, they get exclusive access to the ebook, which will be published next Wednesday on my website at only! So, while you are all reading the series, an episode or two a week, patrons could be done with the story in one day :)!

It’s good to be a patron, don’t you think?! If you’d like to join my amazing patrons, you can do so via If that’s a challenge, check out my SUBSCRIPTIONS page for more options. I’d really appreciate the support, thanks!


Erhuvwun is the most beautiful girl in her small village. Everyone knows this, and her father, Onuoha, takes great pride in this knowledge. But one day, he makes the mistake of offering her hand in marriage as a wager on a sure bet. When Amadi wins the bet, Onuoha is distraught, but Amadi is determined to claim his prize; his bride.

However, Erhuvwun loves Akpos. But since he left for the city about a year ago, she doesn’t know what to make of his promise to come back for her and marry her. At only 16 years old, she finds herself in a marriage to a complete stranger, who is not the easiest person to live with. He doesn’t respect her or women in general, and she soon finds out that her happiness in marriage is very much dependent on if she can birth him a male child.

Amadi is a man unfamiliar with love. His father taught him that women are good only for pleasure and procreation, and it’s a man’s right to rule over them. He grew up in a home where his mother was despised, and his father’s other wives were cast away for only bearing daughters. When his wife suffers, not one but two, miscarriages, he’s sure that she is cursed. The problem, however, is that there’s something bewitching about Erhuvwun.

Beauty and The Beast is a romantic story about how two unlikely companions discover themselves and find love in marriage.


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