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Editor’s Pick: Tithing And The Emperor’s New Clothes

Hans Christian Anderson told a powerful story called “The Emperor’s New Clothes”.  I think every adult in this day and age should be familiar with that story.  The story is about an emperor who is deceived by con men pretending to be tailors, who offer to make him beautiful clothes that only the wise can see.  Of course, the vain emperor is intrigued, and when finally presented with his imaginary clothes, he couldn’t show them that he was a foolish man by claiming not to see anything, so he paid for his clothes, and delighted in their beauty.

He decided to parade his beautiful clothes through town, and everyone tried to prove themselves wise by not only keeping silent about the fact that they suspect that the emperor was in fact naked, but actually pretending to admire clothing that was not there!  It eventually took a little child to point out the obvious – THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES!!!  The damnable conclusion is, despite this child’s cry, and the other citizens’ realisation, the emperor, in his pride, struts on as though nothing was said…as though the truth was never revealed.

This is the situation we are facing in Christianity with the…

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