Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Don’t Follow The Money…Follow The Truth!

The expression “follow the money” is well known among journalists seeking to find the source of corruption, particularly in government and big business.  It apparently originated from the movie “All The Presidents Men”.  Most people who are looking to prosper or get rich quick also tend to “follow the money”.  Wherever the money is, that’s where they need to be!  Why should they be left out of the celebration, because of ignorance or trying to be above board?

However, those who have really amounted to anything, and made a difference in their world, even amassing significant wealth were not the kind to follow the money.  Rather, they followed the problem, until they found a solution.  Where there are issues to be tackled, problems to be resolved, opportunities to be created, these wise few are already there, rich or poor, investing in solutions that end up making them so relevant to the world.  And ultimately, money follows them!  They never need to follow the money, because when you have solutions people will pay for, wealth is your destiny.

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/dont-follow-the-money-follow-the-truth

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