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Editor’s Pick: What Are They Feeding You In Church?

Do you go to Church?  Do you know why you go to Church?  Hopefully, if you go to Church, you go because it is a place of spiritual healing, restoration and nourishment, where you do not only seek to receive but to give to others too.

There are many people who go to Church for reasons other than these, and many that go simple to take but not to impart.  Some go for entertainment, as spectators or an audience.  Some go sick expecting healing, and come out sicker, because they didn’t like the medicine on offer…  Or it could simply be that the medicine, care and nutrition was highly inadequate.

Christ is the Founder and Head of the Church, the Body of Christ.  He meant for it to be, not simply a fellowship where healing, restoration and nourishment is exchanged, but for it to stand as a beacon of light in the world (Matt 5:14-15), calling all to come under its shelter and be saved (Matt 13:31-32).  It is not a gathering of the perfect, but there should be a continual growth towards perfection that is witnessed by all who fellowship within, and those who observe from outside (Matt 5:48)!

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/what-are-they-feeding-you-in-church/

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