Editor's Pick

Editor’s Pick: Change Your Mind About Church

Jesus said, “wherever two or three are gathered in My name, there I am in their midst” (Matt 18:20).  In the beginning, the disciples of Jesus met at public places, in the market place, at synagogues and at the Temple.  Many met to fellowship at the homes of other believers or simply lived together.  Even though the Church was one, at this earliest period, they didn’t always meet together at the same time or place, but they were in continual fellowship with each other.

The concept of going to Church, was as foreign to them as perhaps the concept of a refrigerator.  In those days, when they prayed for their daily bread – they were usually asking for their daily bread!  They lived on a day to day dependency with God.  But with the advancement of technology, our needs, our wants and our habits have changed.  Going to a Church building became necessary, when it became easier to live apart than to live together.  In a similar way, refrigerators became necessary when it became cheaper and more convenient to purchase and store food.

I think also their services were much different to our services today!  When they met together…

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