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Editor’s Pick: The Problem With The Question “Where Do You Worship?”

Every now and then, someone will ask you this question, when they mean to know whether or not you attend or belong to an approved Church.  It usually follows a discussion on faith or religion, or in some cases, interrupts a budding discussion, because the person asking is trying to determine if you are worthy of listening to or whether they need to filter what you are saying, so that they are not deceived.  I could be wrong, but I rarely find this question helpful in discussions with other Christians.

It could be that the reason for the question is not to determine if one is peddling false doctrine, but to discover common ground in understanding and practice of Christianity.  However, I feel the problem lies with the question itself, and actually suggests a lack of understanding of Christianity in the person who asks the question.  As one who has been asked this question often, I’ve come to resent it and I feel a need to clarify why it may not be needed at all in a dialogue with another Believer.

1. The question of where is irrelevant, incorrect and confusing

It really doesn’t matter where you worship…

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  1. I have felt a bit awkward recently as I was a denominational pastor for several years and just recently started a nondenominational church. When they ask me about it, I tell them our goal of being biblical rather than traditional. I am in rural, denominational country, so the “where” is a big deal to a lot of people. I knew it would be a challenge as I planted this church, but I had to obey God even if it goes against the grain.

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    • Thanks for sharing your experience and perspective. I believe it sheds more light on the problem of “where”. People are too afraid or too judgemental. But we are not to follow men and institutions but God alone. Keep it going 🙂

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