Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast – Part Two

Erhuvwun’s first thought was of Akpos, the man she’d wanted to marry, when her father told her about his foolish mistake.  She’d been holding out for Akpos for over a year now, and had turned down other suitors, believing he was going to come back and take her with him to the city.  But as the months came and went, she slowly came to grips with the possibility that he was never coming back…

She swallowed as she looked at her poor father.  The old man looked so drained, and she felt so bad for him.  He had really loved her mother, and she knew he was missing her terribly.  She knew losing her to marriage to Amadi would be very devastating to him, especially if he knew how afraid and unsure she was.

“Father, I’ll go…” she found herself saying.  He looked up at her with wide eyes and shook his head frantically…


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