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Editor’s Pick: Can A Christian Lose Their Salvation?

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked this question by a reader.  I don’t know what it was relating to, because that was all they wrote in their email.  And it seems simple enough to answer “Yes” or “No”.  But I think it’s a little more tricky, and it’s one of those things where you’re damned if you say “Yes”, and damned if you say “No” – like a catch 22.  I told him/her that I would share my answer via my Reader Questions series.

There are different schools of thought on this teaching, and both have their scriptural support.  Personally, I believe our perspectives will be based on our understanding of Scripture and of the Truth, the Narrow Way that leads to Life.  These determine what we understand by salvation, how people are saved and what it means to lose salvation.  I believe that the weight of scripture is against those who teach Eternal Security.  There are just too many scriptures to counter this perspective that one cannot hold such a view comfortably.

I’m going to address a few Scriptures to explain my perspective.  I like to cite Jesus’ teaching about the unfaithful stewards because, according to Jesus, they were HIS SERVANTS…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/reader-questions-can-a-christian-lose-their-salvation

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