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Editor’s Pick: Is It Sinful To Get Artificially Inseminated?

This question was asked in a group I manage on WhatsApp.  It doesn’t relate to any particular post I have written, but I believe the lessons and answer I gave are important to share.

It was posed:

This issue keeps bothering through my mind pls i need your opinion #Critical #Issue… A Christian sister in a certain Church got pregnant, the Church decided to discipline her since she was not married nor engaged.When the elders of the Church met her, she told them that she has stayed in the Church for years and no one is proposing to her and she is getting to the age were she can’t get pregnant ifmarried.So she went and did artificial insemination sinceshe wants a child. She provided the medical documents that showed that she has indeed done the artificial insemination.The Sister is pregnant without committing fornication nor adultery.Not so?BUT COULD THIS BE A SIN?If YES or NO plsGive your reasons for your answer.If possible back it up with Scriptures,This issue happened in real life. Please I need our individual beliefs on this

My Response:

Ummm…interesting.  I learnt a thing or two during the fiasco about me saying ‘kissing’ is not a sin.  Problem was in the definition…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/reader-questions-is-it-sinful-to-get-artificially-inseminated

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  1. You can ask the question again. Personally, I don’t know. The coming together of the male seed and female egg is a form of assurance (a physical confirmation) of oneness of the married couple. Soooooo, hew, what a question. I wouldn’t do it though

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