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Editor’s Pick: Should I hide the fact that I’m a single mom?

I have modified this Reader’s account, because it was very detailed, but her main points are still captured.

Dear Ufuomaee

I am a 28yr old a graduate waiting for service,i mean Nysc. A single mum bt still living with my parent due to their love for me nd my son.I met d father of my son in 2008,i got pregnant for him 2009 nd had my son 2010,snice then he has nt being a responsible father,he said he nt ready to be a father.

He used to give money for the upkeep of the baby two or four times in a year bt snice 2013 till date he only send once. I went for my degree programme nd now am graduated ave nt seen a man to say he want to marry especially wen i told them am having a child.thou the father of my son says wen am ready to marry,am free bt smtimes he do call nd ask if i ave a boyfriend nd i say no,he wil say am lying,if i say yes he would be jealous. ave been in three to four relationship ,none is working.

To be sincere with u,in one way or d other sex is involve bt am just tired of having sex .i will tell them till after wedding,they wil say no.  When I told one about my baby, he said for me to recieve favour frm his family i should go on 100days fasting nd prayer,then i told him am nt desperate.

The problem now is that my parent especially my dad is given some attitude,hope u understand. My younger sis is getting married soon. pls is there any responsible man out there that can marry a single mom nd wont ask for sex,thou am nt despirate bt i need ur advice,should i keep my mouth shut concerning my son ? becos i dnt know if dat is wat is chasing them away or what do u think? thanks for listening to me

Dear Reader,

Your story is sad dear…  But what you need is wisdom and self-control.  Don’t forfeit either of them.  You have to learn from your experience.  Pre-marital sex guarantees you nothing, except tears…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/reader-questions-should-i-hide-the-fact-that-im-a-single-mom/

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