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Editor’s Pick: What Was I Thinking?

(This post has been revised)

While musing on a discussion I had with one of my readers today, I remembered my past, and how hard it was to hear and obey God in the midst of my own strong desire and passions.  I wanted to please God, but I wasn’t ready to let go of the other things I wanted.  How many of us are like that, living compromised lives and expecting God’s blessings..?

In particular, I remembered the time Michael* (* pseudoname) came back into my life.  My first love and first time.  I remember all the strong feelings I had for him.  I had forsaken our relationship to follow after the Jesus Christians.  While with them, I made a very bad decision, under pressure, and married for the wrong reasons.

There were also many reasons I should not have sought to get back with Michael…  For one, I was married!  I guess that should have ended it.  But I was miserable in my marriage.  And his return in my life was like a lifeline to me, that I didn’t want to let go of…

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