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Editor’s Pick: I have a hard time keeping relationships and I fear it could be a problem in marriage. How can I change?

“Good evening ma. I’ve read some of your write ups on LC. I must confess they are very good & helpful. Without much ado, I have a question to ask. I’m not in any “boyfriend – girlfriend” relationship because I don’t want to be for now but I have noticed that outside that, I have relationship problems with people. I have lost many friends (especially ladies) because I hardly call or say hi to them. I thought the problem is not with me but after careful observations, I came to the conclusion that everyone can’t be wrong. Of a truth I try to keep in touch and show that I care but I just don’t feel it. What do you think of this type of attitude & what can I do to change it because I must confess that the more I meet people the more I lose people and I don’t want something that will affect me in the nearest future and even in marriage.

Actually sometimes I pick my phone trying to call them but don’t just feel like it. Other times I will call then that will be all for a long time. I keep to myself most times…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/reader-questions-i-have-a-hard-time-relating-with-people-could-this-cause-problems-in-marriage/

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