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Editor’s Pick: I Don’t Love Him… Does That Matter?

Dear Ufuomaee,

“hello ma, this has been bothering me for sometimes now. It is kinda complicated. without making much fuss! I want to know if i really need to start a relationship on the basis of love,or I just needed to push n love will grow over time. I asked because I ended my four years relationship two weeks ago. I didn’t love him when we started n I made.it clear to him but he was not bothered, he just wanted me to be his g.friend,while this was no lack of affection from my side, he pushed on,but along d line, I started loving him. long story short. it still doesn’t work. til now,he still calls to tell me,he hears his heart beat loudly weneva, he realises we broke up n he is in pain.(I feel no sorry,cos I know a broken rel is better than broken marriage). what even prompted this question is that 3days ago, I started another relationship, I don’t love him too not that I don’t like him but (I don’t know how to explain that) I don’t know if love will grow between (I always hear people say love grows,I don’t know if it grows like grass or something) pls lemme add dis,the new guy is a born again xtian, mature physically, spiritually n financially compared to my previous guy, so I was thinking maybe this factors can serve as manure n water to make it growth. if they r not necessary factors, lemme know so I can cut it before it materialized. and lastly, I have not been in love with any guy in my life,or maybe d one I could love hasn’t come to me, I don’t really understand, if I am being rigid or selective, or maybe something is wrong with me, or maybe I have not just met d man God made for me. I am not just happy with this,it makes me loose focus on marriage. I guess I can be happily single for life. thanks for reading to the end ma,I apologise for the long epistle, i hope I make any sense,”

Dear Reader,

Your concerns are indeed valid. I don’t think people fall in love within minutes of meeting, or even after a few dates…but they should within a reasonable amount of time, maybe a couple of months, otherwise…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/reader-questions-i-dont-love-him-does-that-matter/

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