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Editor’s Pick: I’ve Never Been In A Relationship. Is There Something Wrong With Me?

The following correspondence happened via WhatsApp, over a couple of days, and there was some back and forth to ascertain what the real issue was.  The conversation has been shared with permission by the lady concerned.

Good evening Ufuomaee. I’ve a problem and I really need a matured mind to talk to. I will be 22 this year and I’ve never being in any relationship before. It started bothering me lately when a friend keep making me feel less of a person cos I confided in him than I’ve never been in a relationship before. Not that guys don’t ask me out..they do..but I just don’t like them. I even lied that am currently in a relationship just to get them off my back. But you know the weird thing, I feel bad when I see them get into other relationships and a bit jealous too. Even guys that I admire, I just get turned off when they seek for relationship…I just don’t know…the admiration just flew out…I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Trust me….I love LOVE, I read your stories and pray to God for a beautiful love story too. I just feel something is wrong with me. Q friend just asked yesterday ‘don’t you even want to know how it feels’. I pretend to be immune but really I want to love and be loved back. Please help me!!!

Ufuoma: How’s your relationship with God?

Reader: It’s good. Am not where I want to be. But I really love God and I ensure am devoted to the things of God.

Ufuoma: It sounds to me that there’s nothing wrong with you, dear.  But, what about your earthly Father?  How is your relationship with him?

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/reader-questions-is-there-something-wrong-with-me

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