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Editor’s Pick: Help! I’m torn between two men. How do I choose?

Dear Ufuomaee,


I’m really confused here as to what to do.. I hav a bf who i’v been dating for like a year plus nw…I love him bt I dnt knw if I want to marry him. I met another guy recently who i’v fallen in love with too(i tink) nd it didnt make me love my bf less… I’m still a virgin and havnt slept wit any other of dem yet. My bf asked one nd I said no nd he has neva asked again and said be wouldn’t. This knew guy knws I have a bf but still wants me. I’m even considering letting the two of dem go nd focusing on God,myself nd wats important for nw…but I dunno,wat if one of dem is my soulmate(do u believe in soulmate)? What do you advise ma’am?

Dear Reader,

There are quite a few gaps in your account, which means that I can’t really give you the best counsel.  One of the things is that I don’t know how old you are, which is important when you are talking about sex and marriage.  You do sound young though (late teens to early twenties), and you sound like you…

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