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Editor’s Pick: Can Our Relationship Still Honour God?

“Good morning Ma, i’ve been following your page, i need ur advice for a friend, My friend is in a relationship, she and the guy agreed not to have sex before marriage, but along the line they had foreplay and almost had sex, she’s still a virgin(technically). They’ve both repented and set new boundaries concerning their relationship but she’s worried if their relationship can still honour God, since most persons say pre-marital sex destroys relationships and even marriage. Please what do you advice and i’ll want this to be confidential, Thanks Ma“

Dear Reader,

I have to ask you honestly…is this really about you or your friend?  Because it is weird that you will ask for confidentiality when it’s not even about you.  Either way… I always keep it confidential.

(The Reader confirmed she was inquiring for herself.  My response is reconstructed from our chat.)

Ok, thanks.  It’s good to be honest.  So tell me more about your relationship and boyfriend.  How old are you guys? How long have you been dating.  How is his relationship with God?

(The Reader responded positively that they are both mature, God-fearing Christians.)

So, you have spiritual agreement…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/reader-questions-can-our-relationship-still-honour-god/

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