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Editor’s Pick: He’s pressuring me to have sex. What do I do?

Dear Ufuomaee

Hi ma,i just met dis guy on facebook he claims 2 luv me but he z very sexually active i told him i cant av sex outsyd marriage but he wudun av dat.i told him my fears and reasons and even told him my past but he wont let me go and stil demand dat i meet his need.  I told God i want true love not lust.pple around me are mocking me d girl dat has no fiance.  Am feeling lonely everyday.  i cant sleep wit him but i luv him,wot do i do?

Dear Reader,

It seems like a simple case of lust.  What do you think God’s counsel would be?

Please stop listening to people who do not know nor fear God!  You don’t need a man.  Especially a carnal man that has no fear of God nor respect for you.  Remember: “If he doesn’t care about your soul, he is not your soulmate” (unknown source).

You need to have faith in God and trust Him to provide all you need, even a man…

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    • Yep! It seemed so obvious for me, but I guess some people really can’t see through their emotions or hormones and need advice to make the right choice in such tempting situations.

      Thanks for contributing.


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