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Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man (Ufuomaee’s Critique)

While on a field trip, following up on a reconciled child for work, I stumbled upon a single copy of this bestseller by Steve Harvey, in a remote town.  Having watched the movie, and being more than a little disappointed, I wanted to pass it by.  However, realising that it is in fact a sold out #1 Bestseller, remembering that no knowledge is gained in vain and, of course, succumbing to the curiosity of the woman within, I decided that I better take a read and get the full low down myself.

Firstly, I’d have to applaud Steve for his effort, honesty and sincerity.  He did a good thing for women, even though men may consider him a traitor.  For this, I respect him.  I like the frankness of the book, that he saw the seriousness of the issues, even though he is a comedian, and that he expressed real empathy for the women who shared their stories, even though he’s a man.  This tells me that he’s a solid man, and his wife is a fortunate woman.

Unfortunately though, after reading the book, I understood why the movie left me desiring more…  I had the exact same feeling with the book…

Read more at https://ufuomaee.blog/act-like-a-lady-think-like-a-man-ufuomees-critique/

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