A Small World

A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 4)

“If I had one thing to say to the Youth, to this new generation of business men and leaders, I would say – Dream.  Dream big, but be prepared to work just as hard!  Thank you…”

Ope Olamisan alighted the podium to a round of applause, after giving his talk on “Innovative Thinking in The Business Sector”, as part of the Men Empowering Men Business Talk, held at the Civic Centre in Lagos.  It was a first of its kind initiative to inspire more young men to become entrepreneurs and to take charge of their businesses and careers.  He had been invited to give his address as a 40 year old successful, home-bred business man, with five companies to his name and counting.  Though he had much insight to share about how he was able to achieve so much, he gave all glory to God.

He returned to take his seat with the high table of Executives, and shook hands with a few, who praised him on his speech.  Ope settled in his seat and glanced at his watch.  They were running late for what was supposed to be a Breakfast event.

He was the second to last speaker, and…

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