A Small World

A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 5)

It had been two weeks since Keisha had bombarded Ifeanyi’s phone with her scandalous pictures and messages.  She’d really been expectant of an explosion or some feedback at least, but up till now, she’d heard nothing from him.  It was time she made her next move.  But what will it be?

She really had to be careful with her strategy, because she just had one chance to pull off a convincing performance.  She’d thought of taking her campaign on Facebook, but later reasoned that that would be jumping the gun.  They’d have their defenses up in no time, and she would lose the opportunity to inflict the maximum amount of pain.  No, she couldn’t afford to be hasty.

Now she thought of it…maybe sending those pictures wasn’t the way to put her best foot forward.  Maybe you should apologise…  Hey, that’s not a bad idea!  He won’t even see it coming…  She could blame it on the alcohol, she thought, with a smile.

Keisha picked up her phone, and was about to call, when she remembered the time.  At 11am on a Sunday morning, he would probably be in Church.  She’d make the call later…

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