A Small World

A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 11)

Ope got home about 8pm, just in time for dinner.  The table was already set, and the food laid out, wrapped or otherwise covered.  Promise was neither in the kitchen nor living room.  She hadn’t come down to greet him at the door today, which signified that she was upset.

Ope sighed.  He had to remember that however he felt, he had forgiven Promise for her promiscuous past.  And more than that, she’d been broken and abused, and he really needed to be sensitive to give her the opportunity to express her feelings about what happened between her and Richard.  He couldn’t afford to hurt her by disregarding her experience of abuse.  He remembered his promise to protect and love her unconditionally, and prayed for grace.

He took the stairs in the exquisite duplex apartment they had moved in to, while they leased out their home.  The apartment was closer to the hotel, and more convenient for Promise, who often worked late at the hotel.  He walked the short corridor to their suite, and pushed open the door, which was ajar.  Promise was on the bed, reading a book.  She looked up when he walked in.

“Hi,” she greeted…

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