A Small World

A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 14)

Kemi was dressed waiting, and reading a book in her small bungalow apartment in Victoria Island.  She shared the place with two other girlfriends.  One of them, Trisha, had left for a Church mid-week service, while the other, Pamela, was engaged in an assignment for work.  It was a comfortable set-up, and they got on well, though they didn’t all share the same religious beliefs.

Kemi looked at her watch, wondering what was keeping Nomnso.  If he didn’t get there within the next five minutes, they would be late for the show.  She completed the chapter she was reading and closed the book, marking where she had stopped.  She brought out her phone to call Nomnso, but decided it would be better not to distract nor rush him.  She decided to browse the Internet and check her updates on social media, instead.

One of her friends had sent her a Whatsapp message with a picture of a bad car accident, and a warning of the dangers of speeding and using mobile phones while driving.  Kemi sighed, thinking that she had just almost made that mistake.  She said a quick prayer for God to watch over Nomnso and bring him safely to her home…

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