A Small World

A Small World: Season Two – Three Weddings And A Funeral (Episode 31)

Keisha had been evaluating her life since the meal she had shared with Ifeanyi and Mary back in March.  She just knew that she had missed a very important part about life, because she realised that she was so very unhappy with a lot of things happening in her life.  She wasn’t living consciously nor wisely.  She was living desperately!  Just trying to make any and everything the focus of her life and source of her joy.

She’d settled in a big way!  She knew she didn’t love Gbenga.  But he was giving her fun, sex, money, parties, popularity and even drugs.  He was the train she was riding to nowhere in her quest for happiness, the same way Ifeanyi had once been.  But she was sick and miserable, and didn’t know how to get off the train.  She’d known something was wrong before, but hadn’t been able to identify what it was until she saw Ifeanyi with Mary.

The man was happy.  Like really happy and genuine.  His eyes were filled with so much pride, love and respect when he looked at Mary, that Keisha’s heart broke thinking of how nobody ever looked at her like that!  She wanted that.  But she knew Ifeanyi could…

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