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The Marriage ABCs – C for Communicate Effectively!

Communication is a HUGE topic.  I know this because it was one of the modules I did when I studied Social Work in University.  Since we are relational beings, social beings, communication affects us in multi-dimensional ways and our ability to communicate well can actually determine our success and failure in life, whether in business or in marriage.  However, since this is a singular post, I don’t think I can do the grand topic justice, but I’ll try my best in relation to marriage.

Firstly, we need to understand some basic things about communication.  Communication is not speaking only.  There is verbal and non-verbal communication, and it has been said that the non-verbal communication is weightier than the verbal communication.  You can say a whole lot more with your silence, than with words!  Even though we must pay attention to our verbal communication, and ensure that we utilise the right words, construct them well, and apply the right tonation, pitch and tempo, to communicate ourselves well, we must also ensure that our non-verbal communication is not contradicting what we are saying with our lips!

For a simple example, you can tell someone you love them and also be…

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