A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #1

It started as a dull ringing.  Samuel tossed in his bed, as the ringtone pierced through his dream to his consciousness.  He hovered a lazy hand over his bedside table to retrieve his phone from where he’d kept it, silently cursing the cause of the disruption to his sleep.  The next thing he heard was the sound of his phone crashing to the floor.

“Urgh!” he groaned, stirring and rising from his bed.  The ringing had stopped.  He looked down the side of his bed and saw his phone face down on the floor.  Turning it around, he saw that the cracked screen had gotten some new fine lines, and he grunted.

It was 00:20.  Samson wasn’t back from his night out, and Samuel was sure he would be the only one calling at such an ungodly hour.  He should call him back to find out what it is.  Just then, the phone began to ring again.

“Hey…” Samuel answered lazily.

“I’ve been arrested!  I swear, I didn’t do it!” Samson started.

Samuel sat up straight, sleep vanished from his eyes.  “What?!”

“Please come down to the station, and I’ll tell you all about it.  Please come now…”

“Okay, I’m coming…  Should I call…?”  The phone went dead.


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