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The Marriage ABCs – P for Passion, Purpose and Prosperity

PASSION.  What would you be without it?  Dead, I suppose.  Passion is our drive.  We must be passionate about something enough to hope for its fulfilment and keep on living.

Passion is not synonymous with love, but with strong emotion.  A vocation, such as marriage, calls for passion!  The person we have pledged to share our lives with needs to know that we feel passionately for them, and that we are passionate about our commitment…enough to weather any storms that may lie ahead.

Aside having passion for your spouse, you will and should have passion for other things in life.  Though it may be the fantasy of many, no one can truly handle being the sole passion of another person!!!  They will feel drained.  Used.  Caged.  Frustrated.  Such intense passion (aka obsession) may even dampen whatever passion they have for you.  It is needful to have other things in life that stir you up and make you happy and bring out the best of your potential.  This also makes you an all round attractive person!  So, if you are looking for a mate, pursue your passions.

You may not know your passions early, but when you meet the one…

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