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The Marriage ABCs – O for Offspring

The only things you can count on are chaos and each other and somehow that’s okay because it’s a perfect kind of beautiful chaos as you see each other more clearly and know you’re right where you wanna be, lack of sleep, spit up, noise and all” (Paula Rollo).

Offspring, also known as children, are one of the fruits of a blessed marriage.  The Bible says, children are a gift from God, and regards them as the fruit of the womb (Psa 127:3).  It is right to desire to have children, but it is more important to be mature enough to look after them and raise them up with the love and admonition of God (Prov 22:6, Eph 6:4).

Not every marriage is blessed with children or the fruit of the womb.  This can cause a problem for the couple, depending on their desire for children and their expectations from marriage.  If they married in order to have a family and raise children, then not being able to conceive can feel like a failure.  However, as we saw in B for Blessed to Bless, children are not the confirmation that your marriage is blessed.  A marriage without children is still blessed…

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