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The Marriage ABCs – X for Xclusive

I want to take a guess and say no one enters marriage believing and hoping that they will be one of two or more loves of their beloved’s life!  They enter marriage believing and hoping for exclusivity!  That they will be the one and only love of their beloved’s life.  The last one, if not the first one!

Marriage was made for exclusivity.  A man and a woman.  Not a man and two or more women, nor a woman and two or more men.  That is why the knowledge that the one you treated as your one and only has betrayed your confidence by cheating on you, and not considered you worthy of the same honour, is heart-wrenching!  It is devastating.

Even for those few who thought they didn’t mind being one of many before they got married.  They will soon realise that reality bites, and that was not EVER their heart’s desire…to share their beloved with another.  It was a compromised choice during a period of lowered self-confidence and esteem, when they despaired of love or losing their beloved.

Knowing that you wouldn’t want to be so treated, to be among one of many wives or husbands or…

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