A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #8


Michael arrived at the hospital to find Linda sleeping and Lisa reading a book by her bed.  There were two other beds in the hospital room, and one was occupied with another cancer patient, while the other was vacant.  Michael had been escorted to Linda’s room by her oncology nurse, who had been on her way to check on her too.  Lisa rose up when she spotted her husband.

She went to him and threw her arms around him.  “Thank God you came!!”

Michael hugged her back and they walked together to Linda’s bed.  She looked so delicate, with the IV drip connected to her via a port, and so many tubes connected to machines that were feeding her her medication and also monitoring her health.  He went to the other side of her bed and planted a soft kiss on her cheek, before sitting down.  He watched as the nurse attended to Linda, before moving to the next patient.

“Have you been home since?” he asked Lisa.

“I couldn’t.  I can’t leave her alone…”

“What about Lynette?” he asked after her sister.

“She was with me yesterday, but she’s at work now.  She said she’ll come tonight.”

“I’m here now…


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