A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #11


Some forty-five minutes after Amaka had left his office, Dele walked in.

Bolu had his back to his door, and quickly wiped his tears away.  He composed himself before looking at his colleague.

“Is everything okay?” Dele asked.

“Hm hmm…” Bolu muttered, avoiding eye contact.  “What’s up?”

“I just met with that woman that was waiting to see you…”

Bolu’s attention was grabbed.  He looked up at Dele and swallowed.  “You did?”

“Yeah…  She was kind of emotional.  Said you said you were too busy to take her on…?”

Bolu nodded.  “Something like that…”

Hmmm…  Dele suspected that there might be more to it, but he didn’t really care.  He just wanted to share his news.  “Well, unfortunate for you, but great for me.  I’m free as a bird when it comes to her!  She’s gorgeous!”

Bolu found himself getting irritated.  How selfish of Dele.  “She did mention that her case is of sexual harassment, right?!”

Dele nodded.  “Yeah…  And?”

“So, you can’t exactly be hitting on her too…?”

“Relax, man.  Was I born yesterday?!  I know what I’m doing, nau…” his eyes shone with excitement.  “But seriously dude, thanks for saying ‘no’.  I think my days of singleness are finally coming to an end…”


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