A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #19


  1. Why I fell in love with you.

Oyinda, when we first met, you said I was your wife, and you would do anything to make me yours.  You really swept me off my feet.  You made me feel wonderful, like you could really see me.  You read me and understood me.  You were the man I needed you to be; romantic, attentive, forgiving, my strength.

  1. Why I married you.

I married you because I thought I knew you.  I believed you loved me.  And I loved you…the man you were and the one I believed you would become and remain.  Life with you seemed so perfect and all I could ever dream of.  And the thought of living without you was…unthinkable.

  1. What I still like/love about you.

I love that you make the effort to spend time with your children, and you show up for me when I need you.  I love that you work hard to make sure we are comfortable.  I love that you still look as good as the day we met.

  1. What I do not like/love about you.

I hate that you lie to me.  That I can’t trust anything that comes out of your mouth.  That you make me feel unsafe…


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