A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #24


Temi woke up to find herself lying on the bed, fully clothed and her hand still holding her husband’s.  He too slept soundly beside her, across the bed.  When she sat up, removing her hand from his, he stirred.

She gave him a shy smile.  “Hey…”

He sat up too.  “Hey, babe.”

Temi instinctively put her hand to her hair, noticing how his eyes went there.  She must look a mess.

“I don’t think I told you, but I really like this hairstyle you made…” he said instead.

“Thanks,” she muttered, combing her weavon with her fingers.

Temi rose from the bed and went to the bathroom.  Her hair didn’t look as bad as she’d imagined.  She was more concerned about the fact that she didn’t have any make-up on.  She hadn’t made the effort this morning, when she’d left for breakfast.

She looked at her watch.  5:30 pm.  Wow!  Where did the time go?  And they had a meeting in thirty minutes.  She stretched.

Just then, she saw Oyinda behind her.  How had he crept up on her and she hadn’t noticed?  She moved aside, making room for him at the sink.

“I need to freshen up,” she said.  “Can you give me a minute?”


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