A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #25


“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Danny, happy birthday to you!!!”

Danny’s old and new friends sang, as his wife carried a large chocolate cake with 40 lit candles on it, flanked by waiters bearing buckets of champagne and sparklers.  Danny smiled with his whole heart as he took in the sight.  He’d expected a celebration, but it was still a pleasant surprise.  Tolu had left him about 30 minutes earlier, saying she wanted to change into something more comfortable.  And she had.  The short, flowery, summer dress she now wore did things to him that he thought only the sexiest lingerie could.

“Hip hip hip!” Tolu sang.

“Hurray!!!” their friends jubilated.

Tolu got to the table the waiters had set up with small chops and placed the cake down.  Danny stood over his cake and blew out the candles when prompted by his friends.  Bolu, the designated photographer, snapped away on the only camera the couples had brought along.  Danny pulled Tolu close and gave her a snog, which Bolu captured on film, while onlookers teased the newlyweds.

Lola was the official cake cutter and distributor and attended to that task, when Danny and Tolu went to settle into a sun lounger…


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