A Small World – Season Three (A Few Good Men) #26


Danny and Tolu walked hand in hand to their cabin after leaving the party.  When they got in, Danny went to ease himself, while Tolu brushed her teeth.  He grabbed her waist from the side when he was done.

“Wash your hands!” she protested, moving aside for him.

He did and dried them.  He kissed her shoulder and rubbed her back, muttering, “Don’t be long,” as he left the bathroom.

Tolu spent some time freshening up for Danny, before returning to their bedroom in black lace lingerie.  The sound of a tired man snoring met her, and she sighed.  The Energizer bunny was down, she smiled.

It was just as well.  They’d spent all afternoon in bed together and she was tired herself.  She switched off the light and got into bed beside her husband.  Instinctively, he turned to spoon her, and they fell asleep that way.


Danny stirred in the night and realised that he’d slept off.  Tolu’s quiet breathing was rhythmic.  She was sound asleep.

Without waking her, he turned and reached for his journal to capture his thoughts for the day, before he would return to sleep.

Danny’s Journal entry, 24th September 2016.  11:56 pm.

How Do I Feel Today?  Wonderful!  It was such a great day.


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