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What Makes God God?

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What makes God God?  Is it His love or His wisdom or His sovereignty?  These are perhaps His three most defining traits, but only one make Him God.

The answer can only be found in the definition of a god.  A god is not defined by his goodness or his knowledge and understanding, but by his dominion – his absolute power and control over all things.  This is what qualifies one to be called a god.  Without such dominion, they are not gods.

Now, God declares that there are no other gods, but Him (Isa 45:5)!  He is the only one with such dominion in the whole Earth and Universe.  He is supreme.  Anything else we might imagine or uphold as a god is a counterfeit, a snare and will surely disappoint us.  He is the only One worthy of our worship, adoration and submission.

Now it is God who declares that He is good!  It is He who declares that He is Love.  He is also the One who reveals that He is Wisdom.  We know that He is all these things, because He has said so, and it is impossible for Him to lie, for whatever He says must become truth, and must be birthed to reality.  We also know that He is all these things, because He has gone to great lengths to reveal Himself to us and to show and teach us His love, wisdom and truth.

These qualities, however, do not qualify Him for the title and respect of God.  Without them, He would still be God.  But He just so happens to be “merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truth…” (Exo 34:6).  These traits should endear us to Him…should draw us near to Him…should cause us to trust in Him.  But regardless, He is worthy of our worship!

So, a refusal to worship God because He does not meet your expectations or standard of love, wisdom or truth is a great foolishness, by virtue of the fact that He is qualified for your worship even without these qualities!  Even if He was a god who lied, or who deals wickedly…being the only God, you really wouldn’t have any leg to stand on to challenge Him about His goodness and worthiness for your submission.  You will come to know soon enough that you are not His mate, nor His contender.  And He wouldn’t be too shy or good to put you in your place!  And so we must know that the fear of God is indeed the beginning of wisdom (Pro 1:7Pro 9:10, Psa 111:10).

But we can thank God, for there is no one else to thank, that God is good…and He is good all the time!  We can thank Him that He is gracious, loving and wise.  We can thank Him for all His wonderful ways, and that He is the One who is God, and not us!!!

And when we have appreciated Him, we can and should appreciate His efforts to teach us His ways, and learn from Him.  We can choose wisdom and seek to honour and obey Him, and emulate Him.  We will choose happiness, when we freely love Him in return, and trust Him with our lives by surrendering all to Him.

This is what God wants from us.  This is the worship He seeks.  The recognition that He is God and God alone, and the appreciation of His goodness and His ways.  Then we will know Him, and we will enter His rest.

Be still, and know that I am God…” (Psalms 46:10).

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  1. Hmmm, what makes God God?
    powerful question.
    Nice writeup. When i saw the mail, the topic held my attention and i was eager to know what makes God GOD? Nice one dear.
    The sovereignty of God is awesome. sometimes when am looking for something, i just tell God , you know where this thing is because you’re sovereign, so please let me see it. LOL.


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