Dear Atheist

Editor’s Pick: Does Christ Get In The Way?

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After reading a post by Jenny of Life After Doubt called “Abandoning Christ in a Christ-Centered Marriage“, I felt a burden to write this post, as a way to understand what was really the underlying issue and to help anyone else that may be going through a crisis of faith in their marriage.

In her post, she talked about the youthful origins of her marriage, her initial passion for the Faith, and how that crumbled away to leave behind a stronger marriage without Christ.  The central problem identified in her post was that God got in the way.  However, is it really possible for Christ to sabotage unions that He is very much invested in?

To me, it seems obvious what got in the way.  Religion.  Religion always gets in the way!!!  If spirituality is water to the soul, religion is soda!  Religion is what the enemy offers us instead of water.  It may look nicer, taste better, fill you up faster…but it doesn’t quench your thirst and is not at all good for you!

It is very easy to transition from being a Christ-follower to being only a Church-goer.  Usually, when people convert to the Christian Faith…


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