Dear Atheist

The Narcissist Who Loves Me

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He resides in the Heavens,
His Throne stretches beyond the Universe…
The Earth is His footstool,
And Angels with power do His bidding.
But He who created the Worlds
Was not content with its glory…
In all the beauty and splendour,
There was none like Him that brought Him joy.

Upon the Earth, where His foot lay,
He breathed and spoke the words that began life…
In His image, He formed man and woman.
To them, He gave the gift of free will…
He bestowed on them a beautiful mind,
Unlike those of any being He had created.
He set them in a Garden and instructed them…
And He was pleased that their lives would bring Him glory.

But with free will came disobedience.
His creation did not abide by His commandments…
Their beautiful mind deceived them,
When they believed the lie that they could be like their Creator.
The Earth became darkened by wickedness and violence.
In their depravity, they denied God.
And God looked upon the Earth,
To see if there was any reverence for His Lordship…

His heart was encouraged when He saw that good remained.
There were some who feared and loved their Creator.
He thought to Himself that He may yet lead them…
Surely with His guidance, they would learn Wisdom.
Upon Abraham, He bestowed His blessing…
Through him and his seed, Mankind would know His glory.

The inhabitants of the Earth continued to do wickedly.
He cleared the wicked from before the face of His chosen…
That they may be a holy, peculiar people,
And testify to the whole Earth of their Creator…
But they too fell into corruption,
And forgot the great mercies and privilege
He had graciously bestowed upon them.

“Let them perish”, He said
And He gave them over to captivity.
Curiously, He looked into the future and saw me.
He considered me and He loved me…
He said, “surely, My creation is beautiful…
“I will yet preserve an elect for Myself”
He reasoned that Mankind was stiff-necked,
Corruptible and unreliable to bring about His salvation.
There was none but Himself He could depend on…

So God prepared for a voyage, a most humble vocation.
To certain men, He gave the gift of sight to prophesy
That the World may prepare for their salvation.
Through a Virgin, He chose to translate to the Flesh
Born to serve. Born to lead. Born to die.
He lived a life of ministry, teaching others to follow
Until on the Cross, wickedness was defeated.

They knew Him not until He arose from the grave,
And He revealed to them His scars…
Then they knew the purpose for which He came…
Their eyes were opened and they received understanding.
To follow in His vocation would cost them their lives,
But they were assured that their momentary sacrifice,
Would reap a great reward…
Not for them alone, but for all who believe their testimony.

Through the ages, this Good News has been preached,
Of a God who had everything
But who was not content without me…
The Worlds revolve around Him,
And nothing is impossible for Him.
But just as I am – willful, passionate and weak – He loved me.
So He redeemed me with His own blood from a corrupted Earth…
That I may live and rule with Him in Heavenly places.
For my fellowship and my love brings Him joy.

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  1. one thing you might not have considered in choosing your title…

    the fact that people (myself included once) see ourselves as the ‘special objects’ of this all powerful, all encompassing ‘narcissist’ proves that we become what we behold and shape ourselves into the image of narcissism that we worship. those who worship such a god as in the ot and nt, without and even against evidence to the contrary (by Faith if you will), do so by Narcissism and having been ‘shapen’ and recreated in His Image and Likeness. Religion in general and Christianity in specific is a self centered endeavor to see Yourself as the Center of the grand play of the Universe. Wake up from your dream.


    • Hi Kia,

      Let me see if I understand your comment…

      It seem you are saying that the Christian religion, with emphasis on humility, service to humanity, self-denial and adoration of a Servant God, was made up by people who needed a religion where they would be the centre of the universe? So they made up such a ridiculous convoluted story about sacrifice to point to themselves, when what has resulted is more people worshipping a God who loves them???

      I am so very confused with your critique on how believers are narcissistic because we worship a ‘narcissistic’ God.

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  2. oh, ok. i’ll try.
    it should be the aim of every Christian to be like jesus. to be a reflection and ‘incarnation’ of the god that you serve should be the desire and goal of being filled with and conformed to the image of Christ by the power of the holy spirit. yea?
    if god is a narcissist… then if you are a good Christian, one who seeks to fully identify with god and Christ, so should you be.

    that is the door left wide open by your post and your faulty thinking. -KIA


    • Hi Kia,

      I see you couldn’t resist. It is your thinking that is faulty.

      I hope you know that the narcissistic trait is in every human being. Especially children. We think the world revolves around us, until we become mature. But even as we mature, we still long to be noticed and adored. Maybe this is because we are all made in the image of God.

      But our understanding of narcissism is limited and is not really a good way to describe God. Does God think He is the centre of the universe? Of course. Does He think He is the best of the best? Of course. Does He think He deserves our worship and adoration? Most certainly. With Him it is true. With us, it is a lie. We were made for Him, He was not created for us.

      God, through Christ, shows us His other nature, the fullness of His love and compassion. That is what He wants us to emulate. We can’t get there by feeding our flesh, which is narcissistic, but our spirit.

      So you are wrong that being Christian makes us more prone to narcissism. It actually helps to be more aware of who we are and resist selfishness, for love and worship of God instead.

      Cheers, Ufuoma.

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      • Let me just add that the title actually reads like an oxymoron. Saying “the Narcissist who loves me” is similar to saying “the Blind Man who sees me”. Narcissists can’t love, just like the blind can’t see. I used the word narcissist because God is often accused of being a narcissist, and if He was a man, that critique would be valid. But accusing a King of feeling entitled is foolish.

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      • You are the one who called god a narcissist. I’m just pointing out the logical conclusion that I know you wouldn’t accept. Your Freudian Slip is showing. Happy sunday


      • It was no freudian slip. A Freudian slip is subconscious. My title was chosen consciously. I know exactly what I said.

        In that He demands worship and adoration and exalts Himself above all, He exhibits a ‘narcissistic trait’, but a narcissist, in the fullness of the word, He is not.

        There is no word that wholy or absolutely defines Him. Not even love. Because in our limited understanding of love, we would still object to all that God does. But we can only understand love in light of His revelation. God is beyond our comprehension, and our choice of words in describing His diverse traits are limited and flawed.

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