Dear Atheist

Why doesn’t God just leave us the hell alone?

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Because of me! Because of me and many others like me, who cry out to Him everyday for justice! Who declare that we need Him, we want Him and we are desperate for Him to right the wrongs done to us. Because we love Him and we know Him, and desire to be with Him. He can’t and won’t leave us alone, to suffer this life, to suffer injustice without hope of deliverance nor recompense for evil. Because of us, and even because of you…because though you may reject Him now, you do not know what you want nor what you do. If only you could see… When you eventually see, you will know that there was no way He could ever leave you alone…to the will of wicked men…to the fate of demons. And hopefully one day, when you understand why He couldn’t let you be…why He couldn’t leave you to revel in mud in peace…you will praise Him with me. You will say “thank You, Lord, for never letting me go!”


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      • No, He won’t abandon His. There is a season appointed to everything, however and I believe there will be a short period of time when man will be given full rule over man apart from God. When the faithful have been taken from the earth and the Holy Spirit is withheld, no longer holding evil back, an evil time like no other will swallow the earth. Even then, God’s mercy will prevail and He’ll cut it short. That was my reference. My theology showing.:0)

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