Dear Atheist

I’ve Seen God!

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The other day, as I was going to gather up those Christians to be killed, God appeared to me.

“No, he didn’t! He doesn’t exist!”

But I saw Him. He blinded me with His glory and told me I was persecuting Him!

“Saul, you’re sounding crazy! No way did you hear God! Are you schizo?”

But I did. Believe me. He told me that I had to go see one of them, who would touch my eyes and make me see again.  By the way, please call me by my new name – Paul.

“Look, you’re really starting to sound deluded. Maybe you just had too much to drink last night. I think you’re sleep deprived. Just get some rest. Tomorrow, you’ll be yourself again, Saul.”

Are you even listening to me? Do I have any reason to lie to you? What does it profit me to tell you I saw God or that He spoke to me? Really, why would I say that if it wasn’t true?

“OK. So, let’s say you did see ‘God’. What did he look like?”

I couldn’t get a good look at Him, because He blinded me with His brightness. But I think I saw Him in a white robe. He looked like a man, just like you and me.

“Uh uh. You’re not even sure what you saw. You said you were blinded by a bright light. It could have been lightening or something. Everything has an explanation.”

It’s okay if you don’t believe me. I know what I saw and what I heard. My life will never be the same.

“Saul, there is no God. It was all in your head! You have to stop believing that and talking about it. You’re making me uncomfortable.”

Really??? Why?

“Because there is no God! There’s no proof!”

No proof?  You can’t know there’s no God, because you haven’t seen Him. I do know there is a God, because I have seen Him.

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