Dear Atheist

The Atheist – Episode One

This episode is part of my podcast series DEAR ATHEIST… If you prefer, LISTEN NOW.


I wake up to consciousness.  All around me is fire, but it doesn’t burn.  The strangest thing.

There are many people around.  Some of them are crying and screaming.  I turn to look at what they are all looking at.

It is my car.  It is ablaze in red hot flames and smoke.  I touch myself to see if I am injured at all.  I’m fine!  I wonder if anyone was injured.  I don’t even remember what happened…

In the midst of the crowd, I see them.  My wife and our little girl.  The Police are preventing them from passing the tape.  I call to them and run to embrace them.  But my touch has no impact.  They are looking right through me.

What is this???  I am beginning to be afraid.  Why can’t they see me?  Why can’t I touch them?

“Angela…  Angela,” I call her name.  “I’m here, Angela.  Stop crying…”

But she can’t hear me.  That is when I see it.  A corpse.  The body is covered as it is wheeled away in a stretcher, and into an Ambulance.  Instinctively, I follow it.

They don’t see me enter, as they close and lock the Ambulance door.  I now know what had happened.  There is only one explanation.  But I am afraid to confirm it.

It doesn’t make any sense.  Why am I still here…


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  1. I think we don’t know the half of what waits for either those of us who Belive or don’t. We don’t need “fan fiction” to bolster our Faith. Nor do we to “warn the unbeliever”. “They have Moses and the prophets”… and the very words of Jesus and the Apostles, I might add… “if they hear not them, they will not listen though one rise from the dead.” Just share Jesus and let the Holy Spirit do the “convincing and convicting of sin, righteousness and judgement to come”. It’s His job, not ours.


    • I appreciate your contribution. But I think we also preach Jesus through fiction. Jesus loved to tell stories… Even the story he told of Abraham, which you quoted is fiction… Why? To make a point.

      I am trying to answer questions and breakdown barriers to communication with believers. I also believe God inspired this story.

      Have a great day 🙏🏽


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