Dear Atheist

The Atheist – Episode Five

This episode is part of my podcast series DEAR ATHEIST… If you prefer, LISTEN NOW.


We walked through the doors of my high school auditorium into the cafeteria of my university campus. The hustle and bustle was as it always was, with freshmen moving in their clicks; girls in their groups and guys in theirs. It wasn’t long before I spotted myself sitting with my friends by one of the large windows.

I looked about and took in the scene and tried to remember this day. I couldn’t yet. It looked like just another day on campus. Then she walked into the cafeteria.

Angela, my wife. But she wasn’t the one my nineteen year old self had his eyes on. It was the beautiful, red-haired, long-legged freshman beside her. Her best friend, Rebecca.

Rebecca and I had a thing going throughout her first year at the University of Michigan. But she was too hot for me. Every red-blooded male wanted a piece of her, and by the end of the year, I soon found out that many had succeeded…despite my boasting that she was mine.

This was the day I’d first laid eyes on her but, today, my eyes were on Angela, the girl I had overlooked. She wasn’t a stunner, but she was still quite pretty…


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