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Announcing the Three Hearts Series

They say, when God closes a door, He opens a window. That’s exactly how the Three Hearts Series was birthed. A short story idea I had for an anthology, which I could no longer publish, is now the first of a new novella series, following three women as they navigate marriage, motherhood, and singleness.

A Valentine Set-Up, which is now available on Kindle Unlimited, is a story about how, though everything happens for a reason, we must bear the responsibility for our decisions. We see Remi, a single lady, pursued by a married man, deal with the hard choice of being alone or compromising and living an easier life. We are also introduced to the two other women, Tinuke and Bidemi, who are dealing with different challenges in their love lives.

For a limited time only, get A Valentine Set-Up on Kindle for FREE!

I would really love your thoughts after you’ve read it, and I hope you will follow me as the story progresses. If you love the book, please drop a review and tell a friend to get theirs too. Please post a review on the Goodreads page – HERE. Thank you so much.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

PS: If you are currently reading the re-runs of A Small World – Season One (Valentine’s Day), check back at 3pm (WAT) today to read the second part of the finale!

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