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I am now receiving submissions from other writers and bloggers, under the category A Different Perspective.  If you have an alternative and unique view on issues I address on my blog or matters in the news, feel free to send in your write up, which should be coherent and well articulated, so that I can publish it on Grace and Truth.  You will be credited for all your contributions, however I do not currently offer financial rewards for contributions.

Please note that submission does not guarantee publication of your post.  Pieces may be rejected if they are badly written and need a lot of editing, if they do not actually shed a unique insight into the matter, if they appear to be blatantly offensive or derogatory of a particular group of people, amidst other considerations.  I am looking for critical and intelligent contributions that will inspire people to think bigger, and that sheds light on a issue.

If you are interested, please send your write up to