Matters of the Heart

It Will Last Forever

This is dedicated to my parents on this day, their 25th Anniversary.

This thing you’ve started
Will endure through the ages…
The love between you will grow
And bear fruit in joy and peace.
Despite the challenges life brings,
Your smiles will not fade…
Your dreams will be as prophecies,
And your hope will stand!

God has made you one
And He will defend your union.
He will hold you with His hand,
And bind you with compassion…
Even though men disappoint,
The Lord will always bring good.
And as you continue to trust,
You shall declare He is faithful!

So on your celebration day…
This is my prayer for you –
More joy than you have ever known!
More love than you have ever felt…
New dreams and rekindled passion,
And your delight will be in one another…
Nothing will come between you
From now, until forever!!

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  1. Hi Ufuoma.
    A big congratulation to your parents on their 25th wedding anniversary.

    Indeed, they are one of the most wonderful and kind-heated couples I’ve ever met.

    The only problem though is: the more they age, the more beautiful Aunty Rita gets and the more handsome her Romeo becomes (lolz).

    I pray that the Lord will continue to bless and preserve them in Jesus Name. May they continue to grow in love and joy IJN.
    Have thankful celebration.

    Remember to send my cake & wine.

    God bless you.
    Austeen Osumah, CEO,
    BBDA Cerebrum Consulting Ltd.
    (a brand management coy).


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